Calendar #20

Predict: I think that this problem is going to be about time and working backwards.
Clarify: The date is the 31st on a Monday.
Big Question: The first question is "What date is it?" and the second question is "What year was this calendar printed?"
Solve: Working backwards and using previous knowledge.
With common sence the only day that is New Year's Eve is December 31st.
Working backwards with my diary I figured New Years Eve in 2009 was on a Thursday.
So in 2008 New Years Eve was on a Wednesday and 2007 New Years Eve was on a Monday because 2008 was a leap year.
Summarise: The date the calendar is showing is Moday the 31st of December and the year the calendar was printed in was 2007 because every year you subtract one day
except for 2008 which was a leap year.


Box of Jelly Beans #10

Predict: I think this problem will involve counting, multiplication and breaking the problem into smaller parts.