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Park railings No.9

Predict: division mesurment lenth

Clarify: One hoop is 30 cm wide,

Big question: How many hoops would you need to make a railing that is 250 cm long?

Solve: 250 / 30 = 8 r10

Summarise: There are 8 hoops needed for constructing a park railing 250 cm long

Box of jelly beans No. 10

Predict: adition multiplication

Clarify: Each compartment in this box contains six jelly beans of the same flavor.
They are arranged in two layers of three beans. There is a different flavor in each compartment.

The big questions: How many different flavors are there in the box? How many beans are there altogether?

Solve: There are 3 coloms and 12 rows so 3 x 12=36
There are 108 beans in the first layer. 108+108=216

Summarise: There