The QuiltEloise Problem 6

Predict: I predict that in this problem I will have to use my knowledge of angles and 2D shapes.

Clarify: There are many shapes in this Quilt that make up the whole thing.

The big question: Try to see the basic unit from which it is constructed, and can you see any right angles here?

Solve: To solve this this problem, I took a good look at the picture of the quilt. The stars on the quilt are made out of triangles, and the gaps inbetween are quadrilatuals. In answer to the second question, there are right angles in the quadrilatual. Right angles look sort of like the letter, L and this shape fits onto the edge of the quadrilatual.

Summerise: This question is mainly about recognizing shapes in different ways. It is also about recognizing angles in different ways. The basic units in this quilt are triangles and quadrilatuals. The answer to the second question is yes. The quadrilatuals are made of a right angles. In this question I think that the most difficult part was trying to find what the shape was in between the stars. I found the answer by asking the people around me.