Fraction Fiction

Half of Henry’s birthday cake sits on the table in the afternoon. His brother John is slightly hungry in the night so he eats one eighth or two sixteenths. His mother decides that it will make a good breakfast and eats half of what is left or one eighth. Henry awakes minutes after his mother and is dismayed to find that only one quarter of the original cake or one half of the half of the whole cake that remained the previous afternoon.
By Gabriel

Fifty pine trees surround the clearing and birds perch in twenty-five or half of them. When fifteen fly away, one fifth of the trees have a bird perched in their branches. One tenth of them head off, deciding their time would be better spent eating. One tenth or two twentieths remain behind, satisfied to just sit all day.
By Gabriel

15 years ago 24 kids and 2 teachers made a time capsule and all of them agreed to meet in the same place 15 years later at 13:00 and open it at 13:30 everyone there will open and every one else will miss out. 15 years later at 13:10 only 1 of the kids and 1 teacher is there which is one 24th of the kids and 1 half of the teachers there. By 13:23 five more kids arrive making 1 quarter of kids (or 6 kids) there and still one half of the teachers. By 13:29 2 more kids arrive and the other teacher arrives just in time making it both of the teachers are here and 1 third of the kids are there. At 13:30 they decide to wait 5 more minutes before they open the capsule and in that time 4 more kids arrive making one half of the kids there and both teaches. At 13:35 they opened the time capsule.
By Jacob

There once was a monkey called Bob. He lived on a moon that had ½ the amount of gravity our moon has. One day he woke up 4/7 of an hour after he should have so he was late for work. He ran down-stairs ate half a bowl of cereal and hopped in his car. He had to stop and the petrol station because he only had 1/5 of a tank of petrol left. He filled up his tank full because the petrol was ½ price today. He bought his petrol and a lottery ticket. He hopped back into his car and drove to work. His boss was very angry when he got there. “YOU’RE LATE AGAIN!” he screamed “THAT’S HALF THE TIME YOU’VE BEEN WORKING HERE!”
That day Bob was fired.
By Alec

Today is my birthday! 15 people are coming. Half of them will be friends from school and the other half are family or family-friends. I can’t wait! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Someone is at the door! I run half-way up my hallway, catch my breath, and run the other half. My Aunt Ellie, Uncle Johnny and Cousin Derrick are here! That’s 1/5 of the people coming. We walk down to the back room and wait for the other 4/5 of the people to come. When every one is here we open the presents. 1/3 of the presents are DS games and another 2/6 of them are pencils. I can only remember 6/7 of what happened that day because it was ¾ of a year ago
By Alec

When Fred was making his cake he decided that he wanted to make 3 cakes for his friends. The next morning he got them out for his friends. One of his friends eats 2/10 or 1/5. Another friend hadn’t eaten breakfast so he ate the remaining 4/5. His next friend hadn’t eaten either so he ate 5/5 or 1 whole. Fred ate 1/5 of the remaining cake so there is 4/5 left for another day.
By Jake

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