Red Building
Georgia C Problem 19

Predict: I predict that this problem will be about logic and past knowledge.

Clarify: The building is covered with coloured panels.

Find the big questions: What would it be like in the rooms on the corners?
Imagine what happens to the building below ground level?
Does this building have a roof?

How many colours are there and how are they arranged?

Solve: Well, for the rooms on the corners I'm gueesing that the walls would begin to slant downwards and the area where the corners would be would be very small compared to the middle. To work this out I imagined that I was in the building myself and looked at the picture.

Below ground level I think that on the left side of the building it will begin to slant right and on the right side of the building it will begin to slant left. I worked this out by looking at the picture and I noticed that on the left side it was very slightly begginning to move to the right after moving to the left and on the right side it will continue moving left because it has not yet changed direction.

This building does have a roof because there are no windows at the top few layers.

Summarise: This question was about using your mind and imagining that you were in the building to solve all the questions.

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