Numbers - Positive and Negative


Positive numbers are your usual digits/numbers such as 1,2,3 and 4, the digits above zero in other words. But there are some other types of numbers.
These are called negative numbers. They are the numbers that sit below 0 and are usually represented with a subtraction sign (-) in front of them.

Activity 1:

Research what situations negative and positive numbers are used in. Try and find the most interesting and surprising ways of using negative and positive numbers in real life.

Activity 2:

Much different from activity 1, try to find as many instances of maths including a positive and a negative. Work out which way you go when subtracting and adding positive and negative numbers/digits.

Interesting Fact:

-273 degrees Celsius (-459 Fahrenheit) is the temperature that is absolute zero on the temperature scale.

What We Learnt:

We learnt that a negative number is a number/digit below 0. We also learnt that a positive number is the opposite of a negative number, in the sense that it is a larger number than 0. What did you learn?

Possible Explanations For Activities 1 and 2:

Activity 1:

Temperature, Money, Weight

Activity 2:


Rule For Working With Positive and Negative Numbers:

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