ONE: Algerbra

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Your first task is to revisit the work we did last term on algebra.

To refresh you memory here are four sites that go over algebra:

Once you've read through these sites and completed the various activities record a definition of algebra in your own words in the discussion section of this page. Don't forget to think of your audience (don't assume they know what you're talking about) and beware to use correct and appropriate language.

Follow this link and you'll find a series of word problems that require a knowledge of algebra to solve. Work your way through them recording your working out and answers on the pages you were given to record you nrichproject on. If you get stuck click on the hint under each problem. Remember the focus is to find an algebraic approach to solving the problems. If you're still unsure how to create an formula to work through the problem check out the answers and working out of the first couple. You can work with the others in your group.
Edna, Eliza, Gabe, James, Kyle, Matt

TWO: Problem Solving

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  • Go to and select a challenge to complete before the 21st of each month. Work your way through the problem and summit your response to the site.
  • Also copy and paste the challenge you've chosen to your page (follow the links below). Then add your working out and solution.
Edna, Eliza, Gabe, James, Kyle, , Matt

THREE: Volume

Recently we looked at volume.
Our class reflection on what we learnt can be found on our class blog.
While you are all comfortable with finding the volume within an object by multiplying the WIDTH x DEPTH x HEIGHT how do we find the volume of a shape that is not a rectangular prism?
For some challenging volume problems check out
They don't simply give you the width, depth and height you have to use some steps to get there. For example the first problem only supplies the area of the cube
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